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Each person usually feels satisfied even if only playing for a minute, allowing for 60 people per hour, per simulator.

We have over 85 courses to choose from where you can play Long Drive or Closest to the Pin, and more! We also have Showdown Golf with 40 games like “Hit the Cart Guy”, “Straightest Drive”, “Arena Targets”, and “Field Goal Golf”.

For more information on gaming options, call us at (641) 202-2401.

You can play 18, but we only encourage playing a full round of golf with a very small group of people. It’s more fun to play games and cheer each other on.

We designed our golf experiences to be perfect for both day and night, with durable tents and inflatables for rain or shine. Bring us anywhere, anytime and any weather!

Our Simulators look even better at night! We don’t need a tent or our inflatables to protect you from the sun, making it a more open experience. We also have weather resistant inflatables, so you can even play in the rain!

  • Quick Set Up indoor – 14ft wide x 18ft long x 10ft hight
  • Quick Set Up Outdoor – 20ft wide x 20ft long x 10ft high
  • 1 Bay Trailer – 32ft x 32ft x 14ft tall
  • 2 Bay Trailer – 58ft x 32ft x 14ft tall

Event styles vary for each client. We like to tailor each experience to help you achieve your event goals. A popular style is to pick a few games and have a running leaderboard. Games like the Puttskee Challenge, Closest to the Pin and Long Drive are crowd favorites.

For more information on how we can help you customize your event, call us at (641) 202-2401.

Of course! Certain breweries have indoor space (Green Flash or 2nd Chance Brewing for example). Others without enough room indoors will ask us to set up outside – which we are totally happy to do. The only disadvantage to setting up outside of the brewery is that you typically can’t bring your beers to the golf experience.

YES. We can bring our indoor quick set up, or if you are looking to really wow your clients and prospects, we can bring in our Trailer.

We also offer optional branding upgrades to make your brand completely unforgettable! For more information, call us at (641) 202-2401.

YES. We love to travel, even if it’s cross country! We can travel for your event as far as New York City. It’s $1 per mile after the first 125 miles each way.